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Don Robertson's Music Revolution!

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Don Robertson

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"I am a composer and writer whose life is dedicated to music.

"In 1968, I made an important discovery. I realized that discords - the basis of the style of 20th century classical music – actually belonged a musical language of disharmony - the opposite of traditional harmony - and that the effect of 20th century's discordant music was a negative one, not positive, as had always been the case before.

"I demonstrated the negative and positive polarities inherent in the musical scale for the first time ever on my legendary "Dawn" album, released in 1969 on Quincy Jones' Limelight Label. With this album, I created the first new age music on one hand, and the first death metal on the other.

"Realizing that the next step in the evolution of classical music must be toward helping composers, musicians, and educators understand music's dual nature, I have worked since that time toward the transformation of contemporary music from a negative to a positive polarity, creating new music, studying the world's great music traditions, and acquiring recordings of the world's greatest music. In 2005, I began digitizing my large collection of records to make them available by way of my Musical Kaleidoscope project that will employ advanced new technology provided by TunesMap."